Strzelaj z nami bezpiecznymi fajerwerkami!


Sales cooperation

Dear customers
Due to the continuous development of the company we are looking for  Polish and European PARTNERS wholesale and retail distribution and sale of pyrotechnic products company EUROPYRO POLAND importer based in Krakow. In order to bring about cooperation, and conditions for the sale of our sales specialists are at your disposal by email or telephone from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 16.00 You're always warmly welcome.

Presentation collection of fireworks for season 2014/2015

Prezentacja fajerwerków 2014

Thank you all for coming to the our presentation of fireworks Europyro Polska

The new brand - EUROPYRO POLAND!

Europyro Poland

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To ensure the highest quality of our products we introduced a new brand for sale EUROPYRO-POLAND. As a result of years of research, checking hundreds of manufacturers and factories we chose the best. This allows us to offer you the highest quality product that meets the strictest safety and environmental standards - provaid with certificates. All the items we offer have been tested by a Notified Body Research Unit EU and CE certified.


Join us!

Specialist magazine

Due to the continuous company grows and an increase in interest in our products pyrotechnics - fireworks in 2009, we have adopted an area where are currently our special magazines. You can rent new warehouse space with storage of pyrotechnic materials in the classroom ADR 1.1G, 1.2G, 1.3G, along with full service specialist.

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